Vital tips


arriving at home

  • When you get home make sure your surrounding is secure and there is nothing suspicious around your gate such as bottles, bottle caps, tins and suspicious looking people before you get out of your car to open your gate once you have opened your gate at home pull your car into your yard.
  • Make sure you are okay before you get out of your car to close the gate once all is safe get out of your car remove all suspicious looking items close gate and lock the gate with a pad lock or if the gate is connected to a gate motor make sure your leaver is always in the correct position and the gate is closed before you get out of your car
  • If you have a gate motor try and secure the motor with a bracket & lock so that the motor cannot be tampered with and the battery is safe in order for the motor to work at all times.
  • Make sure before you go to sleep at night that the gate is securely locked and ensure that the lock cannot be seen or moved in a position to break lock to gain entry into your yard.

holiday announcements

  • When you go on holiday do not let anybody know about your arrangement over social media (Facebook, Email and WhatsApp) it is very unsafe for you and your family, inform your Security Company or Neighborhood Watch in your area to check your home at least twice a day once in the morning and once in the evening at random times to make sure that your belongings and your home is safe while you are away on your long deserved holiday.
  • You can secure all your precious belongings by making extra precautions in and around your home such as a day night switch which is programmed at a specific time of the day to switch on the lights and time to switch off the lights to make every around you think there is somebody at home.
  • Make arrangements with friends or family to go and have a look around your house on random times and days so that no one would suspect that there is known body at home.
  • Should you have animals at home while you are on holiday ask a close friend or family member who is close to the animals to feed them as you don’t want to let your animals get used to other people feeding them as this can harm your animal as it will feel to them that anybody can feed them and it could be harmful for them as criminals today poison the poor animals.
  • Make sure that all your entry doors are locked and for extra protection put a secret key in all the entry doors so that the doors cannot be tampered with to gain entry in your home.
  • Should you have animals at home do not let strangers feed them while you are on holiday ask friends, family or make use of a professional service.

self advertisement

  • Always make sure that all your post and advertisements are removed from your gate and post box daily to safeguard yourself at home.
  • Ensure that your premises are secure and remove all the attention to avoid becoming a target by keeping all your personal trash and garbage away from your outside gate till the day Garbage removal comes then only put out garbage.
  • Do not dispose any of your post in your Garbage bags outside your house rather burn all your post and letters so that no one can get hold of your personal details.
  • Make sure that your garbage is removed from your gate should the rubbish removal not come on their specific collection dates to ensure your safety at all times the more things around your home is seen the more it is thought that no one is home at the present moment.
  • Should you buy new equipment do not dispose of the boxes outside you home this draw so much attention to your home and reason to make yourself a target for a break-in

daily commute route

  • Try to avoid taking the same rout home every day try and change your root daily and take note what is around you at all times.
  • Make sure your car doors are locked at all times as criminals are fearless to try and open the door should you stop at a stop street or a robot you are never safe.
  • Try to have all windows a half centimeter open too so that the windows cannot be broken easily.
  • Do not stop for anyone even if you are being pushed off the road keep a cool mind and try and drive to the closest police station or garage where there is lots of movement and people around.
  • When you go to the shop make sure all the doors of your vehicle along with your boot is securely locked before you leave your vehicle.
  • Once you have made sure that everything is locked 100% slowly leave your vehicle and make sure you listen that you do not hear a beep from your vehicle as criminals are so sly today they use different devices and mechanisms to unlock your vehicle.
  • When you return to your vehicle always make sure that you only unlock your vehicle when you are ready to open the door and get in and lock your doors immediately.


  • When your children are left alone at home make sure that they know not to let strangers into the house while you are not at home at any given time.
  • Children should have a telephone, mobile or line available 24/7 in case of an emergency.
  • All emergency numbers should be saved on the telephones speed dials for quick access to call at any time in case of an emergency.
  • Children should be taught emergency procedures in case of an emergency not to panic but to stay calm and to wait should they have phoned the police, ambulance or pressed the panic button of the Alarm systemto arrive before they open any door to anybody.

at night

  • You should never go out of your house when you hear strange noises outside your door, being it a dog, baby crying, someone screaming or crying press your panic button on the alarm system and wait till your Security Company or Neighborhood Watch had investigated all around your house and made sure that you are safe and secure.
  • Should you not have any contact details for Neighborhood Watch or Police station dial 10111 and you will be assisted immediately if they tell you to hold just hold till you get hold of someone to assist you with your problem but always stay calm?

service providers

  • When you are looking for a Security Company make sure you know everything about the company.
  • Rating of the Company is very important as it is of No use paying a service provider who does not have your best interest at heart and are unable to attend to your emergency immediately.