Risk Evaluation

The risk evaluation will help each business determine the acceptable level of risk and the resulting security requirement for each system. Vital Security will monitor and evaluate the correct set of security measures to address the level of identified risk. We want our clients to have the means to assess the security thread and not spend any time at all having uncertainty of their business vulnerability.

Vital Security will:

  • Identify all threads
  • Identify vulnerabilities
  • Describe the risk
  • Identify likelihood of occurrence
  • Determine severity impact
  • Determine risk level
  • Determine the cost required to minimise risk
  • Describes clients own responsibility (time, effort)

In order for any businesses assets to be protected, the thread must be detected with a early warning system prior to any physical damage such as broken windows, doors, roof. The thread then still must be contained before prior to any physical damage such as broken windows, doors, roof and/or loss of valuables. Implementable security solutions that will  may drastically reduce the risk will be communicated with the client.

Remember that a risk is realised when a thread takes advantage of a vulnerability to cause harm/damage an asset.

Standard Risk Evaluation

Vital Security believe to contribute to its community, therefore now delivering free Standard Risk Evaluations (SRE) for all small/medium size businesses in the Witbank district. The evaluation shall assess the vulnerability of the barrier, parameter and building together with detection/response time. The evaluation will be done as a foot audit  by a competent security assessor, a one page report will be emailed to the business.

Comprehensive Risk Evaluation

The Comprehensive Risk Evaluation (CRE) is a detailed risk assessment done by a team that will provide all security concerns, comparison of plausible solutions, cost and lifetime detail information. A full report will be supplied with the CRE feedback meeting. Ideal for medium/large businesses, neighbourhood security, estates and industrial enquires. Price: starting at R5995.



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