Vital Security currently operate as a leading player in the residential, commercial and industrial market in/around Witbank, Kriel, Standerton and Middelburg. Vital Security provide services on its own networks as well as the Global System for Mobile (GSM) and Global Positioning System (GPS) networks.


Vital Security is the leading electronic security provider in Witbank and Kriel, providing armed response for its customers. Estates are also targeted, e.g. the entire Bankenveld Golf estate, this ensures that Vital Security can tailor specific benefits to each clients own need. The current focus is to provide affordable but extensively reliable security solutions for all residents of Witbank and Kriel.


Vital Security provides reliable alarm systems that ensures the safety for a business in and out of operating hours. A new panic unit was introduced to cater especially for 24/7 hour business that doesn’t stop operating.


Vital Security focusses heavily on its industrial customers security needs. The company currently hold an extensive combination of installation, maintenance, control room, parallel monitoring and armed response contracts to most of the mine groups in the greater Mpumalanga area. Vital Security’s specialty is, to be contacted for unique security vulnerabilities, engineer a solution in limited time and install and maintain that solution indefinitely.

The current technology trend is to utilize the commercial GSM/GPS network to provide a small personal satellite tracker device on all important assets.